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About Us

M. Criscuolo & Co Ltd is a family business that was established in 1863. Our origins come from Sorrento in Italy. Michele Criscuolo exported our unique products and designs to London. We have been making high quality products for the hair for 150 years. The company has been handed down through the generations and is still run by the family. Direct descendants of our founders are now the custodians of M. Criscuolo & Co Ltd. We take our business values very seriously.

Our business has changed over the years. Hair Accessory products have progressed with new innovative ways of holding hair. We believe the market is still very under rated when compared to the Jewellery market.

We would like to change this perception. We are often bemused as to why ladies and some fellas...!, spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on expensive clothes and jewellery but simply dress their hair with a simple elastic or cheap hair clip. The head and particularly the hair is a key focal point, and the way the hair is dressed, makes a statement about us. 

We would like to educate our customers. The main reason is that their is no brand identity within the Hair Accessory market. So people find it hard to differentiate between a quality product and a less than satisfactoy product. It is also fact that the majority of the products found on our website do not make it onto the high street. There are only a few stores in the UK that supply the premium end of the market. We know this fact as we supply them.

The majority of hair produts are sold through large chain stores which is saturated with products sourced from the Far East. Hopefully our website will allow our discerning customers to identify the different levels of quality.