Clic Clic

Claw Clips

Please note that the majority of our Claw Clips use a covered spring.  We feel this improves the overall finish of the product, especialy on the larger claw clips.  We also use quality springs which hold the claw clips firmly in place unlike products sourced from the Far East where the spring often twists and breaks the plastic hinge.  

Our Claw Clips fall into two main Catagories.


This is the premium end of the market. These products are cut from solid sheets of plastic, just like your designer sun glasses. The plastic is sourced from a single global supplier in Italy. There is no painting or spraying the surface of the plastic as with injection moulded products.

The design and colour texture shows through the depth of the material which is why these products look fantastic. Each product has to be cut and barrel rolled and polished before assembly. This process takes much longer than injection moulded products, providing a superior finish and along with the quality of the raw material makes up for the higher price points on these products.

Unfortunately you will be unlikely to find these products on the high street. Perhaps in a few up market department stores and boutiques. So when you purchase a hand made product you will have the knowledge of having a premium product that is both elegant and chic. Why not treat yourself...?

Injection Moulded

Our injection moulded claw clips are machine tooled and finished. They are formed from clear plastic and then spayed with a colour finish.  The quality is determined by the type of plastic used, the type of mould and the spray finish. There should be no sharp edges and the plastic should not be brittle.  We only use the best material for our products which are both strong and durable. Products sourced from the Far East often have sharp edges and are made from an inferior plastic which makes them brittle. Why compromise your choice. We hope you like our selection.