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Terms And Conditions

Conditions of Sale and Use of our Website.

We recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions of Sale before placing any order through our Website.  

Our Terms and Conditions govern the use of our website and our supply of goods to our customers.

M.Criscuolo&Co Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales under company number 253903.  Our registered address is Homestead Grange, Birchwood Lane, Chaldon, Surrey, CR3 5DQ, England.

"Crisco", "Crisco Collection" & "Crisco Couture" are trade marks belonging to M. Criscuolo & Co Ltd.  It is not possible to use our trade marks for your own use without written permission.

We try to ensure that all the information regarding products and prices on our website is accurate and correct. We accept that mistakes do happen and if we feel that we have provided misleading information which may of affected your purchase then we will be very happy to rectify the situation.

Please bear in mind the following when making your purchase.

Colours may vary depending on your dispaly settings on your computer.

Sizes may very slightly.  We will always try to be as accurate as possible in providing measurements to help with your purchase.

We may not always be able to supply your order.

We will always process your order as quickly as possible although we cannot be liable for delays from Courier Company's.


Please note that your order only constitutes an offer to purchase goods from M.Criscuolo & Co Ltd and does not form a binding contract until it is accepted by M.Criscuolo & Co Ltd.

We will send an order acknowledgement email to the address you provided when you place your order. Please note that the email does not confirm acceptance of the order.

Our acceptance of the order manifests when we receive full payment for any goods and the appropriate delievry charges.  We will process the payment at the same time that we prepare your goods to be dispatched.  Only when the goods have been dispatched to your delivery address and we send you an order despatch email will this constitute acceptance.  

We reserve the right to refuse any offers prior to acceptance of the order.

If a product is not available we will inform you in the order dispatch email and no payment will be taken or payment will be refunded.


All prices are shown in UK Pounds Sterling (£)

All prices include UK VAT.  Our VAT number: 232 3148 01

Delivery & Returns

Please refer to our delivery Information and our Returns Information.

Promotional Offers

We may include promotions or discounted products on our website.  These are discretionary and may be withdrawn without notice.  All promotions are subject to availability at time of order and cannot be applied to previously ordered items.  All promotional items are subject to our normal terms and conditions.

User Review and Message Boards

We provide a Testimonials tab to allow our customers to post comments on our website to express their views and opinions.  

We bear no responsibility for the content posted on our website.  In our sole discretion we retain the right to remove, pre-screen, monitor and edit content on our website.  Please note that you may be responsible for any content posted that contains defamatory, offensive or indecent content that infringes the rights of our company or third parties and you maybe liable under a court of law.

We reserve the right to a royalty free licence to use, reproduce, modify, translate and publish content posted on our website.


We do our best as a company to ensure that the information on our website is accurate and helpful at all times.  We cannot be held liable for any misleading information.

We will not be liable for any loss, damages or costs that may be associated with the lack of avaialbility of our website.

Any links on our website is provided soley for the convenience of the user.  It does not consitute an endorsement or recommendation by us unless expressely mentioned.  We are not responsible for the content of any website that links with our website and cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or costs that may be associated with another website.

We will not be liable for loss, damage or costs from events that are beyond our reasonable control (force Majeure).  Including but not limited to failures of third party systems, acts of god, earthquake, floods and other natural disasters, acts of terrorism, strikes and deliberate sabotage.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales.

These Terms and Conditions do not affect your Statutory Rights.

Updated: June 2013